Script Mechanic


Wednesdays 11am – 1:30pm PST

Type of Class: 6 Week Limited Series: Online

Cost $275

About the Class:

Script Mechanic is a 6 week intensive, online, that will streamline how an actor understands the script.  Television and Film scripts are vastly different from a play and need a streamlined approach in order for actors to bring a believable and dynamic performance to the camera.  It is vital that actors develop a strong script analysis process so they can prepare a Stand Out performance. This class will provide actors with strategies to:

1) Know All the Parts of the Script (and how to use them in your acting)

2) The Writer’s Intent (Why your are in the scene)

3) Value of the Role (What is your action in the scene)

4) Find the “Turning Point” in Every Scene (Create a dynamic performance)

5) Embrace the Tone and Genre (Nailing the Style with a Stand Out Performance)

These strategies are designed to aid the actor’s process. It is your job to be able to uncover all the clues the script has given you, so you can “Play in the World of the Story”, not just deliver your lines well.  Each week will focus on one vital element of the script, the words on the page and how to convert this into a living breathing role.