Self Tape Weekly Workout


Thursdays 11am PST – 12:30pm PST. (1.5 hours)

Plus One (1) Hour Self Tape Submissions

Type of Class: Monthly Ongoing Online

Cost: $140/month



About the class: 

The Self Tape Weekly Workouts are structured in two parts.

Part One: Online weekly forum

Every Thursday in a virtual platform (Google Hangout Meet), Will Doughty teaches the class in a live forum with a specific audition focus of the week. Actors will also interact in this life virtual setting. The goal is to improve actors’ Self Tape submissions by providing strategies to:

1) Capture Castings attention in the first few seconds of the audition 

2) Bring an actor’s Genuine Humanity to every aspect of the role 

3) Let go of the preparation and lead with an Attitude of Play.


Part Two: A “real world” Self Tape submission

In addition to the weekly live class forum, actors will work for One Hour (1) outside of class with an assigned audition to Self Tape. Actors will be paired together each week to connect and shoot self tapes for each other remotely via virtual platforms. Auditions will then be uploaded for Will to view and provide Personalized Notes for each actor.  This class is a Monthly Ongoing format and payment is due every Third Week of the Month.